The Page Vault PDF

Get professional appearance and an easy output when saving and printing web content for your cases.
Page Vault Web Capture of Bill Gate's Facebook Page

Page Vault’s output is designed to be easily readable for lawyers, judges, and juries, in a PDF format that is familiar to legal professionals.

The PDF pictured is the final product of a Page Vault web capture:

  • The first page includes metadata (date, URL, etc)
  • The Facebook profile is accurately rendered
  • Each page has a footnote with metadata


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So what would legal tech look like if it really worked? I’ve always thought that I’d know it when I see it, and yesterday, I did, in the form of a website page capture product called Page Vault . . .  Page Vault does one thing but really well: it “easily captures web pages for legal use.” Read Carolyn’s entire review here

Carolyn Elefant,

Attorney, Author, & Legal Blogger,