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How does Page Vault On Demand work?

  1. Submit a request

    Online form, email, or phone call—just tell us what you’d like to capture.

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  2. Receive a free quote

    Our team will review your request, then send you a quote. We can accommodate rush jobs—just let us know!

    Page Vault On Demand process quote
  3. We deliver the capture

    Once the quote is approved, Page Vault will make the captures and send them to you.

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Request a free quote

We capture it all: Facebook, videos, websites, documents, and more

Small or large, simple or complicated—anything you can see in a browser, we can capture it.

  • Social Media

    Page Vault Social Media Capture Example
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok
    • ...and many more

    Profiles start at $349 Quotes are always free

  • Websites

    Page Vault Web Page Capture Example
    • Web pages
    • Full websites
    • Wayback Machine
    • Marketplaces (Amazon, Airbnb, etc.)

    Websites start at $199 Quotes are always free

  • Videos

    Page Vault Video Capture Example
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Facebook &
      Instagram videos
    • Proprietary Players

    Projects start at $299 Quotes are always free

  • Documents

    Page Vault Document Capture Example
    • Downloadable files
      (Excel, Word, PDFs, etc.)
    • Online images
    • Audio & video files
    • Other media file types

    Projects start at $199 Quotes are always free

How does Page Vault On Demand pricing work?

On Demand pricing is determined by content type and size of the project.

Trusted by the top law firms to get captures done quickly and correctly.

  • A team of capture experts

    Our capture experts, tech team, and customer support get what you need and are here to help.

  • Rush job? No problem.

    Cases can move quickly—and so can we. We’ll work with you to get it done on time.

  • Not sure what you need? We can help.

    From consulting on what to capture to investigations and site scoping, we can help you figure out what you need and get the job done.

Page Vault's friendly support team

Our friendly support team is ready to help

Services designed for the legal industry

  • Accurate outputs and key metadata

    No missing content or changed formatting. Every capture includes timestamp and URL metadata.

  • Affidavits and expert witness services

    Affidavits and expert witness services are available for all On Demand jobs.

  • Monitoring and recurring captures

    Need to monitor changes over time? We can make captures on a schedule.

  • We make billing easy

    Emailed invoices that can include your Matter ID for pass-through billing.

PV Affidavit, Cover Page, Sample Output

Metadata cover page and affidavit for a Page Vault capture

Your toughest, largest, most complicated jobs—we can do it.

  • Facebook, social media and websites of any size

    Whether its thousands of posts or thousands of pages—we can get it.

  • Wayback Machine archives

    Page disappeared or changed? We can capture archives preserved in the Wayback Machine.

  • Manual interactions with pages

    CAPTCHA boxes, “see more”, hidden content—sometimes human interaction is necessary. Our team can help.

Wayback Machine, manual clicking, product pages—we can do it all

Page Vault On Demand Sample Projects

Please note that these are simply examples to illustrate common On Demand job scope. Each project is unique and our quote depends on examining the specific content and website to be captured. Your project may differ from the examples below.

  • Example: Multiple social media profiles

    Collects social media profiles from an individual: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

    PVOD All Social Media
  • Example: A full website (100s to 1,000s of pages)

    Finds all pages on a website and captures the ones you want.

    Screenshot of website examples
  • Example: Online video downloads (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.)

    Collects the video files, a static capture of the source web pages, and associated metadata.

    Screenshot of video examples
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