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ADMISSIBLE evidence for legal professionals

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Use Page Vault’s browser as you would any standard browser to find the webpage you need for your case.  High volume job? Page Vault offers custom web archiving service. See how it works


Just click once to capture a long web page–Page Vault makes an accurate record of the page exactly as it appeared in your browser. Learn about webpage capture


Download captured material from your secure account in PDF format and print: pages show the webpage exactly as it appeared. Check out our PDF output!

Page Vault’s clients include solo practitioners, Am Law 100 firms, eDiscovery companies, trademark brand protection firms, as well as non-profits who use Page Vault pro-bono.


EASY to Use

  1. Page Vault installs in minutes; no user manual required to use Page Vault.
  2. Ask about Site Vault web archiving service for long or difficult capture jobs.
  3. PDF output easy to download, share and print.

How it works

For EVERY Team

  1. Page Vault supports everyone from solo practitioners to AM Law 100 firms.
  2. Page Vault installs across any number of desktops for one price; every person has their own set of credentials.
  3. Attorneys, Litigation Support specialists, paralegals all use Page Vault.

Plans for every size firm


  1. Page Vault timestamps & digitally signs every capture, ensuring authenticity.
  2. Metadata is stored and displayed with every capture.
  3. Page Vault offers affidavits attesting to the accuracy of our web archiving service on request to enhance admissibility in courtrooms.

Built for Legal Professionals

“We have been struggling with how to easily authenticate internet pages for trial purposes.  Page Vault solved our problem. ”

Matthew B.F. Biren and Andrew G.O. Biren

Biren Law Group, Los Angeles

Page Vault in Practice

Insurance Defense

A claimant demands compensation for debilitating injuries suffered on your client’s premises. Claimant publicly posts photos on Facebook along with comments that clearly show they are not debilitated. Page Vault allows you to capture these immediately, and can authenticate that they were indeed on the web at the time stated in the capture in case claimant later removes the photos from public view.

Family Law

Your client claims that their spouse is cheating on them and is interested in initiating divorce proceedings. You find the spouse has set up profiles on dating sites, Craig’s List, etc. With Page Vault’s web archiving service, you can record all such profiles at the outset of the case, before the spouse has an opportunity to delete the profile.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Your client claims that opposing party is illicitly using your client’s trademark in their online business, and is even using copyrighted promotional photographs your client has made. With Page Vault, you can quickly capture crucial evidence of trademark and copyright infringement before opposing party changes their online materials.

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