Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Page Vault

What is web content collection?
Web content collection is the act of saving and/or printing web content, such as social media posts/profiles, entire websites, videos, images, or any other content accessible on a web browser that you might need for a matter.

Why do I need to use a trusted third-party for web content collection?
Using a trusted third-party can help you deliver the best results for your case and keeps you out of the chain of custody. Web evidence should be treated like physical evidence and you should take every precaution to collect web content in a way that supports authenticity. Learn more about preserving the chain of custody.

Who is Page Vault?
Page Vault is the industry-leading web content collection provider. Our solutions have become the standard for legal teams to capture web content for research or for court evidence. Page Vault offers both do-it-yourself software, Page Vault Browser™, and Page Vault On Demand™ services.

Questions About Page Vault’s Captures

What makes Page Vault’s capture process better than other options?
Page Vault’s output is superior to other options in that it:

    • Captures the pages exactly as they appear in your browser, providing accurate context
    • Includes a cover page with the page’s metadata, as well as key metadata in a footer on every page of output
    • Content overlap to show that your capture does not exclude information
    • Users stay out of the chain of custody, removing questions of tampering
    • Page Vault can provide an affidavit for any capture made in our system, whether in our web capture software or Page Vault On Demand service™
    • different file type outputs that are most relevant for your collection, such as PDF, e-Discovery load file, and video files.

For more information about our software and vendor services, visit our Solutions page.

What is metadata and what does Page Vault collect?
Metadata is additional information about the web content capture that can further support its authenticity. The metadata that Page Vault collects with each webpage capture includes the content title, capture URL, captured site IP address, time/date stamps of page load and capture, the software version and IP address, the browser and version, the operating system and version of the capturing computer, and the document length.

Does Page Vault offer affidavits?
Yes, affidavits are available for any web content capture including ones made with Page Vault Browser or through our Page Vault On Demand™ services. We have served as an expert witness to explain Page Vault’s technology and storage processes, helping to further support the authentication of content captures used in cases.

What payment options does Page Vault accept?
For both Page Vault On Demand™ and Page Vault Browser, we accept payment via credit card for any customer; for law firms and corporations, we also offer billing by invoice or credit card.

Questions About Page Vault On Demand™

What is Page Vault On Demand?
On Demand is a service for legal professionals who need web content captured for them, no matter the size of the project. Page Vault On Demand can include videos, lengthy social media profiles, entire websites, images, and any other content found on the internet.

Who should use Page Vault On Demand?
Legal professionals who need web content captured for them for initial research or as evidence in a case. Our team of experts will collect your content in a timely and accurate fashion, regardless of project size. We specialize in collecting social media profiles, videos and entire websites, but we’re happy to help collect any web content you need.

How does Page Vault On Demand work?
The first step in the process is to request a free, custom quote for the web content you would like the Page Vault team to collect. Our team will contact you with the quoted price and the expected time frame to complete the captures. Once you approve the quote, we complete collection jobs within 7 business days, but can also accommodate expedited projects if needed. When the collection is finished, we will email you with the requested files along with key metadata to support the authentication of the captures.

How much do Page Vault On Demand web collections cost?
Each Page Vault On Demand collection is custom quoted, with webpage and video captures starting at $149, and social media captures starting at $299. You can find the prices for different types of collection jobs and examples of typical project pricing on the pricing page.

Questions About Page Vault Browser™

What is Page Vault Browser?
Page Vault Browser is an easy-to-use web content capture tool that is launched from your desktop. It looks and feels like a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and has intuitive browsing capabilities. Simply surf to or search a webpage as you would normally and click the “Capture” button to save the web content to Page Vault’s secure storage portal to later view, download or print.

Who should use Page Vault Browser?
Page Vault Browser is built for all legal professionals, regardless of their level of technical expertise, who need to capture web content as soon as they find it. Our software integrates seamlessly with teams of all sizes.

Is Page Vault Browser easy to install and use?
Yes, Page Vault Browser is easy to install on both PC and Mac computers. Once you log into Browser, you’ll find that the design is intuitive, and web captures are easy to make and can be quickly downloaded or printed. If you are familiar with a browser, like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, you’ll know how to use Page Vault Browser.

How does Page Vault Browser work?
While using the Page Vault Browser, a user will find an intuitive interface that works just like any standard browser. Behind the scenes, our unique technology is specifically designed for the legal industry to keep users out of the chain of custody. It accomplishes this by having the user connect to a remote server and browser to capture and save web content versus capturing and saving it on a local computer and server, where the risks of manipulation, spoliation and viruses increase.

How much are Page Vault Browser subscriptions?
Monthly subscription prices vary based on the number of usernames and concurrent users allotted and whether you include video and document captures. You can see what is included in each plan on our pricing page.

Do you offer training and support for Page Vault Browser clients?
Yes, we offer training to clients. Refer to the pricing page to find how many trainings each subscription level receives. Page Vault customer support can be reached by phone at 1-312-265-5803, or by email at Support hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm CT.

Can I access my captures if I don’t renew my subscription?
Yes, if a subscription isn’t renewed and the account is to be disabled, we allow access to the account’s portal for 7 days after the termination date. If you need access to your captures indefinitely after canceling, we can hibernate your account for a monthly fee where you’ll be able to access the captures you’ve made and obtain affidavits. For more information about your subscription, call our support team at 1-312-265-5803 or email at

Can captures be saved to a local computer?
All web content captures can be saved to your local computer from the Page Vault Portal.

Can I manage my own document storage?
Yes, each user can manage their own storage within their Portal. You can maintain your storage space by deleting, moving, and renaming any document in the Portal viewer.