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    a web browser

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Page Vault Browser Pricing

Get our award-winning software for one monthly price.
Plans below are for law firms and end users of captures. Please contact sales for plans for resellers.

  1. Solo Practitioner Plan $295/mo
    Batch add-on +$50
  2. Team Plan $495/mo
    Batch add-on +$50
  3. AmLaw­100 Plan Contact Sales
  1. Features

    • Full-page captures of any webpage
    • Social media auto-expander
    • Bulk web page/website capture
      1. with Batch add-on
      2. with Batch add-on
    • Video & document captures
      1. with Batch add-on
      2. with Batch add-on
    • Unlimited downloads/exports
    • Affidavits available
    • eDiscovery load files
    • Searchable files (OCR)
    • Matter ID pass-through billing report
  2. User Accounts

    • Unlimited Installations
    • Unlimited Usernames & Admin Controls
    • Maximum Number of Concurrent Users (simultaneous users logged in to Browser)
      1. 1
      2. 3
      3. 5+
  3. Support & Training

    • Live trainings per year
      1. 1
      2. 3
      3. 5
    • Email Support
    • Phone Support

Page Vault On Demand Pricing

On Demand pricing is determined by content type and size of the project. Significant discounts are applied when more than one URL is requested. See below for sample project pricing.

  • Social Media

    Page Vault Social Media Capture Example

    Profiles start at $199 Quotes are always free

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • ...and many more
  • Websites

    Page Vault Web Page Capture Example

    Websites start at $149 Quotes are always free

    • Web pages
    • Full websites
    • Wayback Machine
    • Marketplaces (Amazon,
      Airbnb, etc.)
  • Videos

    Page Vault Video Capture Example

    Projects start at $149 Quotes are always free

    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Facebook &
      Instagram videos
    • Proprietary Players
  • Documents

    Page Vault Document Capture Example

    Projects start at $149 Quotes are always free

    • Downloadable files
      (Excel, Word, PDFs, etc.)
    • Online images
    • Audio & video files
    • Other media file types

Additional On Demand Options

  • Rush captures available
  • Affidavits
  • eDiscovery load files

On Demand Sample Projects

Please note that these are simply examples to illustrate common On Demand job scope and pricing. Each project is unique and our quote depends on examining the specific content and website to be captured. Your project may differ from the examples below.

  • Example: Multiple social media profiles

    Collects social media profiles from an individual: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

    • Pricing starts at $199, average project is $299-$499
    PVOD All Social Media
  • Example: A full website (100s to 1,000s of pages)

    Finds all pages on a website and captures the ones you want.

    • Pricing starts at $149, average website with 100s of pages is $299-$499
    Screenshot of website examples
  • Example: Online video downloads (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.)

    Collects the video files, a static capture of the source web pages, and associated metadata.

    • Pricing starts at $149, average project of 5-10 videos is $199-$299
    Screenshot of video examples