Client Testimonials

See how Page Vault's solutions have helped our clients with case-critical captures

  • The very first time we used Page Vault, it came through for us! Our client was suing a competitor for false advertising. With your help, we were able to capture the company’s false claims on Twitter, which were subsequently deleted, and prove our case.

    IP Dispute
    Leading IP Law Firm

  • We represented a professional sports team in a contract negotiation with a player. The case turned on whether the player had an injury, with the player claiming that no injury had occurred. With Page Vault’s help we were able to capture the player’s x-rays, which his spouse had posted on her blog. When confronted with this evidence, the player agreed to settle.

    Contract negotiation case
    AmLaw 100 Firm

  • Page Vault has made my life so much easier – particularly your batch tool. A video with time stamps that used to take me hours now takes as little as 20 minutes.

    I’m also grateful for your extremely patient, knowledgeable, and helpful Support Team. You’ve saved hours of work by showing me very efficient ways to utilize your software.

    National Investigation Firm

  • The outcome of a recent case turned on whether the defendant could speak English. In a deposition, he insisted that he could not. Page Vault captured video evidence of the defendant preaching in English, which resulted in a successful case outcome.

    Commercial Case
    Solo Practitioner

  • Page Vault helped us win a Pro bono case involving claims of domestic abuse. The case relied on the ability to capture the video with comments that was recorded by a Ring security system. While the video evidence was not strong, the opposing party had made some damning comments, which with your help we were able to capture. This sealed the case for our client.

    Pro Bono matter
    AmLaw 100 firm