The Ins and Outs of Page Vault Software

Easy to install and use to make professional and admissible PDFs for use as evidence in court. See web capture software in action!

Fast and easy web captures with a professional result

Page Vault is ideal for practices of any size: solo practitioners love the ease of installation, while teams at firms love having unlimited user accounts. Whatever size your practice, Page Vault allows everyone to capture web evidence quickly and securely; if you can surf the internet, you need no additional technical expertise.

Now legal professionals can make captures as soon as they find vital material on the web, without having to wait for technical personnel or outsourced consultants. Webpage capture technology is now within the grasp of every legal professional!

Page Vault installs easily in minutes

  1. Download the launcher app the first time you use Page Vault
  2. Click Set-Up to install the launcher to your desktop
  3. Click on the launcher to input your credentials and begin your website archive session

Enterprise features without the cost and hassle

  • Every user has their own private account at no additional cost; most plans allow unlimited users
  • Admin-level features allow litigation support coordinators to gather material from several user accounts
  • Page Vault’s unique, patent-pending architecture is cloud-based — almost no IT footprint on your system!

Browse and capture

  1. Enter URLs in the address bar, or simply surf the way you are accustomed to
  2. When you find a page you want to capture, click the capture button at the top left of the browser
  3. Choose a folder in your account to store the capture (and name the capture if you want)
  4. Click “Save Capture” and let Page Vault scan and capture the entire page in seconds

Powerful capture features to save you time 

  • Scroll all or part of pages
  • Capture anything that you can surf to, including password-protected material
  • Automatic expansion of social media pages (comments, replies, photo albums and more)

Review, download and print

  1. Each user can access their own private online portal account for storage and review
  2. Navigate via an intuitive folder structure: create as many folders and sub-folders as you need
  3. Preview capture thumbnails online
  4. Download PDF files of the entire capture to print or share — no more formatting nightmares

Professional-quality and legal-grade output

  • PDF downloads include metadata on the first page
  • Retrieve entire folders quickly with bulk download feature
  • Auto-generated load files allow bulk imports of material into eDiscovery platforms
  • Your website archive is secure, protected and authenticated with trusted third-party timestamps and digital signatures

See an example of Page Vault’s PDF >

Page Vault has been an essential tool in my trademark practice. . . .  I sleep easier knowing that I have independent verification at my fingertips. The Page Vault system is very simple to navigate, and the company provides excellent support.

Jonathon Feil

Trademark and Technology Lawyer, Simburg, Ketter, Sheppard & Purdy, LLP

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