Features that Provide Accuracy

Page Vault's features make it the premier web capture tool for legal professionals.

Easy-to-Use Browser

  • No special tech skills required. If you can use a standard browser, then you are ready to start using Page Vault to make legal-grade web screenshots. With one click, the entire page is captured in seconds – see more details on how our software works.
  • Page Vault automatically scrolls pages. Automatically scroll pages within the limits you set. Great for capturing long Facebook pages and other social media profiles.

Designed for Teams: Intuitive Account Management

  • Unlimited user accounts. Give everyone at your firm an account for one low monthly subscription price. The only limit is concurrent active users – find the right size plan for your firm.
  • Special Admin user privileges available. Admin user accounts are available at no extra charge. Admin users can access and share folders across all accounts within your plan.

Cloud-based Software Means No IT Headaches

  • Simply install the launcher and you are ready to go. Page Vault installs a small launcher app on each user’s desktop. Simply click on the launcher app to connect to the Page Vault browser and you’re ready to go.
  • Online vaulting. Page Vault encrypts and stores all web capture screenshots as PDFs with digital signatures for authentication, as well as HTML source code. All data is stored in secure, password-protected online accounts.

Output: PDF Format Easily Read by Judges and Juries

  • Critical metadata recorded and printed with every capture. Time of capture, URL and IP address, and more – metadata is automatically recorded and stored with every capture, and printed on the front page. View our PDF output.
  • Page is presented exactly as it appeared online. No need to struggle to reproduce the page as it originally appeared. Page Vault’s PDFs present the web accurately.

Bulk Downloads

  • Bulk downloads available: Download multiple captures at once.
  • Integrate with e-discovery tools: Capture sets are accompanied by auto-generated load-files to allow quick import of captures into most e-discovery platforms.

Legal Software for Professionals Who Care About Their Evidence

  • Affidavits available upon request. Page Vault offers affidavits describing and attesting to the efficacy of its patent-pending architecture in preserving accurate and authentic records, in accord with F.R.E. 901(b)(9).
  • Legally defensible and forensically sound. Learn more about why Page Vault’s method of making webpage screenshots is ideal for lawyers, and how it is superior to other methods.

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