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Why should legal professionals use a professional web capture tool?

Electronic evidence is proliferating – the need to capture online evidence for use in cases is growing exponentially. Web capture specifically is becoming a must for practice areas such as:

  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Law and Brand Protection
  • Family Law
  • Insurance Defense and Personal Injury
  • Class Action and False Advertising

Web capture is now a necessary part of preliminary research, early case assessment, and discovery.  Legal professionals require a tool that allows them to easily and quickly capture web content, and which presents the results in a format that is both readable and professional.

Electronic evidence is here today, gone tomorrow. Webpages may be changed or removed; social media pages may be made “private.”  All of this means that lawyers need a tool that:

  • helps them capture web content quickly, before they are gone
  • proves that the page was on the web at the URL and time specified for the capture
  • prints out a readable and exact copy of the webpage for use in cases and courts

Page Vault solves common web content capture problems

Problem: print-outs don’t look like original page and are missing content

  • Many capture applications and browser print functions fail to reproduce all elements of the page 
  • Some websites employ special CSS code to prevent browsers from printing the page as it appears

Page Vault captures whole pages exactly as it appeared online. See Page Vault’s PDF >

Problem: scrolling social media pages are a nightmare to manually capture

  • Capturing all elements on the page requires you to use “print-screen” and paste the result into another document
  • Continuous scrolling pages require this to be repeated hundreds of times – a single profile can take an hour or more to capture
  • Sections of pages are easily missed by mistake when captures are done by hand

Page Vault scrolls through long pages in seconds. See Page Vault Expander in action >

Problem: capturing entire websites – hundreds or thousands of pages – can take days and is often cost-prohibitive

  • Captures of whole sites for case matters, compliance, or discovery can take days of staff time
  • Even most webpage capture tools require each page to be captured individually
  • Many unlinked pages on a site are easily missed

Page Vault’s technology quickly allows you to capture large numbers of pages, whole websites or very long social media profiles.

Easy to Use

Page Vault is built for ordinary legal professionals who need an extraordinary tool for webpage capture. Page Vault is easy to install and intuitive to use. Web captures are easy to make, and are quickly downloaded and printed.


Professionals capture and print web content in a forensically-defensible and easily-accessible way with Page Vault. From intuitive browsing capabilities and pricing for every size firm, to high-quality PDF outputs and bulk downloads.

Built for Lawyers

Page Vault is the only web capture tool that is built specifically for lawyers. Page Vault preserves the digital chain of custody, backs up captures with affidavits, and has an attorney on staff as VP of customer solutions.

“Thanks to Page Vault, we are not only able to capture websites consistently with a defensible audit trail but we are able to do it in a fraction of the time that it took us in the past.”

Chris Bojar

Litigation Support Coordinator, Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP

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