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Save & Print Facebook Profiles

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Save & Print Twitter Pages

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Save & Print LinkedIn Pages

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Save & Print Instagram Pages

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Save & Print Webpages

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Common Facebook Page Types

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What is the Deep Web?

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What is the Dark Web?

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Common YouTube Page Data

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New Instagram Page Features

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Upcoming and Recorded Webinars


Modern Capture Practices for Admissible Evidence


Risks & Best Practices of Capturing Webpages

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Page Vault Browser and On Demand Videos

On Demand Services Overview

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Webpage Capture Software Overview

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How Page Vault Technology Works

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Make a Webpage Capture in Seconds

It’s easy to make a webpage capture of online evidence as soon as you see it with just a few clicks – capture it before it’s gone!

Download and View a Web Capture

Learn how to quickly save and download PDFs of your webpage captures directly to your computer for easy printing and sharing.