Monitoring & Recurring Web Content Collection

With Page Vault On Demand™, we can capture your web content on a regular basis or as soon as it changes.

Let Experts Take Care of the Work for You

Whether for compliance or recordkeeping, preserving data has become vital, but it can be time-consuming to keep up with if needing to capture web content on a regular basis.

Page Vault On Demand™ experts can capture an accurate record of specified web content at regular intervals set by you or as soon as the content changes. You’ll receive your captures in the time frame and file format you choose via email. We can also testify and provide affidavits to further support the captures.

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How We Capture On-Going Projects

Recurring captures — Tell us the time and frequency that you’d like the content collected, such as weekly, monthly, etc.

Monitoring captures  We’ll only collect the web content when, and as soon as, the content changes.


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Common Uses for Monitoring & Recurring Captures

On-going legal matters — Attorneys need an on-going and verifiable record of web content for a legal matter, especially if opposing parties change or remove content during a case.

Liability protection best practices — Corporate General Counsels require website or social media archives in case of legal action against their companies.

Regulatory compliance — Sector regulations require a record of specific claims made about products.

Why Page Vault?

Accurate and Secure Outputs

We can accommodate various output file formats, such as PDF, MP4, DOC, XLS and more.

Trusted Third-Party

We are a trusted third-party, digitally-sign and timestamp every web capture and provide affidavits that attest to the accuracy of our captures.

No IT Set-Up

Just tell us what you would like captured and when—we manage any size job with our expert staff and proprietary technology so that you don’t have to.

Competitive Pricing

Jobs are priced on a monthly or quarterly basis and are quoted in advance with no variable fees.

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