X1 Social Discovery Alternative

X1 Social Discovery Not Working? Page Vault can help.

Web capture software that works

No API calls. No burned Facebook accounts. Our patented software works just like a browser and is continually updated to optimize for changes on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Page Vault Browser Animation

Captures that look great

No missing content, changed formatting, or re-sizing. Just full-page captures that look like they did in your browser, with associated metadata on the cover page and each page of the capture.

Page Vault Facebook Output with Metadata
Page Vault Output Cover Page with Metadata

Capture what you see in the browser. Even videos.

  • Web pages of any kind

    Web pages, Facebook, news sites, Instagram, blogs—capture it all.

  • Videos and documents

    Download YouTube videos, Facebook videos, PDF files, Excel files, and more.

Built for legal professionals

  • Affidavits

    Affidavits are available for all captures made with our Browser software.

  • Metadata on every page

    Every capture includes timestamp, URL, capturing account, and SHA256 hashing.

  • Maintain the chain of custody

    Our patented remote browsing solution keeps you out of the chain of custody and makes your captures admissible.

Page Vault Social Affidavit Example

Sample metadata cover page and affidavit

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