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Our dedication to the legal market sets us apart.

With years of experience in preserving web content for legal professionals, from Am Law 100 firms to solo practitioners, our clients repeatedly trust Page Vault to do their collections.

Our team was built specifically to support the legal industry, and our in-house attorneys, support staff, and tech experts understand the legal business and can offer skilled advice on the preservation process.

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“Preserving web content for the legal world isn’t a side initiative for Page Vault – it’s what we eat, drink and breathe every single day – and we’re committed to always staying ahead of the curve on providing the legal industry’s best solutions.”

Jeff Eschbach

CEO, Page Vault

“We built our tech from day one with the legal community in mind. Our patented approach to preserving web content keeps users out of the chain of custody – so if you use our browser software yourself, or if you ask us to do a collection for you, we can always provide an affidavit to support the capture’s authenticity.”

Todd Price

CTO, Page Vault

Our Technology. Built for Legal.

Page Vault’s technology is specifically designed for the legal industry. Our in-house software and vendor services capture and preserve web content such as webpages, websites, social media, videos, images, and even historical content.

Our output PDF files are designed for easy use as evidence or for due diligence, which include key metadata such as the timestamp and source code. Page Vault also integrates with other e-discovery platforms, making our technology an easy, yet powerful solution that excels in accurate and admissible web captures.

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Our Output. Built for Legal.

With years of internal experience working with legal clients, we know that whether it’s for due diligence, e-discovery or litigation, authentic preservations are vital. We developed Page Vault’s output with this in mind. Our clients receive an accurate representation of what they see online, no matter the type of content.

In addition, our solutions preserve the chain of custody and automatically capture metadata and hash values, further strengthening the admissibility of the web content. Our team can also provide affidavits and testify in court on behalf of our technology.

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“We know legal and provide options that work for you. Our collections are fast, accurate, and defensible; our solutions can be per-usage or subscription-based; and our affidavits are regularly used in federal and state courts. We also know that helpful relationships are crucial, and we strive to always be a valuable partner.”

Patrick Schweihs, Esq.

EVP Customer Solutions, Page Vault

Practice Areas Leveraging Web Content Capture

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property & Trademark Law

Whether you’re a law firm or a brand protection company, Page Vault can help preserve a single webpage, image, video, or historical content (i.e. Wayback Machine), or millions of webpage captures per month, such as from marketplace listings like Amazon or eBay.



Insurance Defense Law

Insurance Defense & Personal Injury Law

When a claimant is injured on the job, but posting photos of themselves being physically active on Facebook that contradicts their claim, time is of the essence to document that relevant web content. Page Vault allows you to quickly and easily capture any type of web content and verify it’s authenticity with key metadata.


Family Law

Family Law

Many family law cases involve social media where it’s vital to preserve a post, comment, image, geolocation data, or even an entire profile. Page Vault has the expertise and solutions to accurately document all relevant web content associated with a dispute, including key metadata (timestamps, URLs, IP addresses) for further authentication.


Employment Law

Employment Law

In employment cases where web content like social media is key evidence, it’s crucial to capture it with technology designed for the legal industry. Page Vault provides the solutions necessary to accurately preserve web content, whether for due diligence or for use as evidence in court.


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