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Are Webpages and Social Media Admissible in a Court of Law?

With such an incredible amount of published webpages, websites and social media content, it can be a lot of work to sort out the content that is relevant in a legal case. However, once content is found, an attorney might ask whether or not it can be used as admissible...

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Is Facebook Evidence Admissible in a Court of Law?

Whether you’re looking for answers on Facebook posts and comments, Instagram pictures, Twitter tweets or YouTube videos, the short answer is yes; both public and private social media content can be admissible in litigation. How to Capture Social Media Evidence in a...

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5 Tech Tidbits Lawyers Should Know When Collecting Web Content

In an era dominated by the internet, it’s surprising that the legal industry is only starting to account for the realities of our increasingly-digital age. While the nuances of modern technology can be difficult to master, having a fundamental understanding of it will...

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What’s Keeping Legal Professionals Up at Night?

Many legal cases today involve saving and/or printing web content, such as social media profiles, websites, videos or images. When using a capture solution not designed for the legal industry, you might start out your collection with confidence. But, many legal...

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The Truth About True and Accurate Outputs

There are many ways the output appearance of web content you’re trying to save or print appears nothing like it looks online. There may be re-targeted ads with the slippers you bought for yourself last winter, the printed information may be out of order or even...

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How to Preserve YouTube Videos for Legal Cases

Videos are quite prevalent on social media platforms these days. With a camera on most mobile phones and laptops, videos are rapidly becoming the medium for sharing opinions, opening up about personal lives, and recording events as they are being witnessed. While...

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