Many legal cases today involve saving and/or printing web content, such as social media profiles, websites, videos or images. When using a capture solution not designed for the legal industry, you might start out your collection with confidence. But, many legal professionals quickly develop concerns with their process and how it may negatively impact their case.

Surveyed litigators from our e-Discovery Trends 2017: Web Content Collection report confessed their worries when collecting web content for research or evidence.

Do these concerns sound familiar to you?

Legal professionals have enough to worry about, so why add these common concerns to the list? By using a solution designed for the legal industry, you can eliminate these doubts, plus more!


Professional solutions, like Page Vault, offer:

  • Metadata with every capture (timestamps, URLs, IP addresses, etc.)
  • An accurate appearance when saving and printing web content
  • Affidavits to strengthen the web content’s admissibility
  • Secure and anonymous searches and captures

Other benefits include:

Your web collection process shouldn’t keep you up at night. Find out how Page Vault’s software and on-demand services can help.