How to Save & Print a Webpage for Legal Use

Capturing and Saving a Webpage:

When collecting web content from various webpages for a case, it’s important to preserve the entire page, including images and other content elements. Page Vault Browser™ makes it quick and easy to capture, save and then print an entire webpage. With a few clicks, our software will automatically scroll through the page, capturing all the web content that appears in the browser. Even if it’s a lengthy webpage, Page Vault Browser can save you time by automatically scrolling the page and capturing the loaded content for you.

After the webpage is captured, you can save it to our secure portal, where you can create your own archive of webpage captures.

Printing a Webpage:

To print a webpage capture, simply save the webpage as a PDF and select “print.” All webpage captures look exactly as they do online and print accurately, too. Key metadata is also included with all captures, such as IP addresses, time and date stamps, and URL addresses, to help support the capture’s authenticity if being used in court.

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