A Guide to Collecting Web Content

6 Best Practices Legal Professionals Use Today

Learn the Industry Standards of Collecting & Recording Web Content

Whether collecting web content for due diligence or as evidence for use in court, knowing these 6 best practices will help strengthen the security, admissibility, authenticity and efficiency of capturing social media, websites, videos, photos and more.

This guide is meant for legal professionals who want to learn the foundations and industry standards of collecting web content for legal use, or for those who want a refresher on web capture best practices.

Best practices include:

  1. Search in the right places for social media content
  2. Collect social media content as soon as possible
  3. Develop a consistent process to save and secure web content
  4. Efficiently capture multiple or lengthy webpages
  5. Capture important metadata to support authentication
  6. Create shareable and credible files
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