Here’s the alternative for accurate, legal-grade web content collections.

It likely doesn’t come as a surprise that social media platforms make frequent changes to their technology, especially their application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow software programs to communicate with each other (what is an API). However, those frequent changes often create issues for other software solutions that rely on those APIs to function properly.

In April 2018, both Facebook and Instagram made changes to their APIs that have caused, and are still causing, issues for many e-discovery software companies whose technology depends heavily on these APIs to preserve social media content.

Consequently, legal professionals are realizing that e-discovery solutions with this approach are at the mercy of the social media platforms. When those platforms no longer share the same information that they once did through an API, it causes significant errors — web content information may be missing from a collection, including images, posts and metadata, that may be critical later on for the case.

While this is bad news for the clients whose processes and cases are disrupted by these API changes, the good news is that not all legal web preservation solutions are built the same. Attorneys and legal professionals have an alternative to accurately preserve social media and other web content, like entire websites and videos.

Page Vault solutions are a better option over approaches that depend on APIs to enable their web content collections. Because Page Vault accesses web content through a browser interface, and not through APIs, our technology is not interrupted when social media platforms make API changes or updates. As a result, our clients save time, can capture content as soon as they find it, and are ensured that their preservation is accurate, complete, and admissible.

Page Vault offers two options to best suit our clients’ needs:

About Page Vault

Page Vault helps legal professionals to capture, preserve and authenticate web content such as webpages, websites, social media, videos, and images. Users can have confidence in knowing that Page Vault’s collection experts accurately preserve all necessary content and supporting data within the requested output format. Whether using their in-house software or vendor services, Page Vault can accommodate projects of any volume or complexity. Page Vault is used by clients ranging from Am Law 100 firms to solo practitioners.