Article Page Vault, Inc. Enhances Facebook Capture, Increasing Collection Speed

A new version of the Page Vault Facebook capture tool is live

Chicago, IL. – Page Vault Inc., the software and services provider of choice for legal
professionals securing and preserving online evidence, announced a significant
upgrade to its Facebook capture feature improving the speed of evidence collection
while still providing the industry’s highest-quality output. The latest enhancement
demonstrates Page Vault’s commitment to delivering superior value to its clients.
“We are continuously investing in our product and this Facebook upgrade will help our
clients be more efficient by capturing a large amount of user posts faster and with
exceptional quality.” says Luke Suydam, Co-CEO of Page Vault. “Another key
differentiator is the unparalleled fidelity to the original content. Unlike technology that
recreates the appearance of Facebook posts using the underlying code, Page Vault
captures the content exactly as it appears on the platform, ensuring a visually authentic
archiving experience.”

Page Vault also offers an advanced “Post by Post” option, catering to users with
massive profiles and specific requirements. This feature is ideal for capturing metadata
for individual posts, providing a more detailed and comprehensive archiving solution.

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Page Vault is trusted by top legal teams to securely capture and preserve website,
social media, and video evidence – while preserving critical metadata, saving time, and
ensuring that digital evidence is legally admissible in court.