Litigators identify the latest web content collection trends and insights

CHICAGO, IL (JULY 13, 2017) – Page Vault Inc., the legal industry’s leading provider of web capture solutions, published e-Discovery Trends 2017: Web Content Collection, a report sharing the latest web content collection trends identified by litigators.

Litigators from a variety of states, law firms and practice areas were surveyed to help legal professionals understand how and what their colleagues are collecting, and also to improve their own collection practices and processes. Practice areas surveyed included general litigation, intellectual property law, cybersecurity, insurance fraud, class action and commercial law.

“Our purpose for publishing the report was to look at how litigators and law firms search for, collect and use web-based content for their cases, and present those findings in a digestible way. This helps legal professionals understand the current state of the industry, as well as see how their own practices stack up against their colleagues’ in the field,” said Jeff Eschbach, Page Vault CEO.

The report can be accessed online at

A complementary infographic is available in addition to the report, and Page Vault encourages readers to share the content. To use or cite Page Vault’s e-Discovery Trends 2017 report, charts or the infographic, visit the brand guidelines page for the materials and files.

Page Vault’s Patrick Schweihs, Esq. and e-Discovery consultant, Brett Burney, will be co-hosting a webinar on July 18 to discuss the report’s findings, including the data legal professionals often overlook when collecting web content, the technical challenges that come with modern web collection, and the concerns of dynamic and disappearing data. They will also discuss new technology competency rules and ethical issues associated with social media content collection. More information can be found at

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