Thomson Reuters blogger, Tad Simons, talks with Page Vault’s Chief Technology Officer, Todd Price, and Executive VP, Patrick Schweihs, about the recent transformations the legal industry has seen in online evidence.

Specifically, the interview focuses on the “responsible handling of electronic documents and challenges facing the judicial system as more online evidence makes its way into courts.”

In response to these changes, Price and Schweihs help clarify the intricacies around chain of custody for electronic evidence and explain how Page Vault’s leading technology makes it easy to preserve it.

Page Vault offers solutions and guidance in order to successfully navigate this new world, as well as future predictions of trends that legal professionals will need to be aware of.


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Page Vault helps legal professionals to capture and preserve web content such as webpages, websites, social media, videos, and images. Users can have confidence in knowing that Page Vault’s collection experts accurately preserve all necessary content and supporting data within the requested output format. Whether using their in-house software or vendor services, Page Vault can accommodate projects of any volume or complexity.