If you can see it in a browser, we can capture it.

Page Vault offers two web capture solutions for legal professionals.

On Demand

Tell us what you need captured and we'll send a free quote. Our team will do the rest.

PV Browser

Empower your team to capture webpages while they browse. Just open the browser, go to the page, and click to collect.

Built for Legal

From research to litigation and everything in between, Page Vault’s technology is designed for legal professionals.


Digital metadata—such as the URL, time/date stamp, and IP address—is required to prove that screen captures haven’t been altered. Page Vault’s patented technology captures what you need.


Need to prove that the digital chain of custody was properly maintained? We can provide affidavits for any captures made with Page Vault.

Easy to Print

Page Vault’s output is accurate: it looks like what you saw in the browser. Download and print PDF files with the click of a button.

All the content and metadata you need, in a familiar, easy-to-use output.

Plus affidavits are always available.

Website or

Webpage Captures

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See Example


A standard website collection captures all webpages under a given domain.

Other requests include lists of specific URLs, PDFs or videos on a website, or subsets of a website (e.g. subdomains).



Page Vault Twitter Capture Thumbnail


See Example


A standard Twitter collection consists of all tweets and replies on the profile.

Other requests include tweets in a specific date range and full tweet history captures.



Page Vault Facebook Capture Thumbnail


See Example


A standard Facebook collection consists of the timeline with expanded comments and replies.

Other requests include photo albums, videos, About page, Friends, etc.



Page Vault LinkedIn Capture Thumbnail


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A standard LinkedIn collection consists of a person’s profile.

Other requests include company pages or group pages.



Page Vault Video Capture Thumbnail


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A standard video collection consists of videos from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Other requests include playlists or webpage where video is embedded.



Page Vault Instagram Capture Thumbnail


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A standard Instagram collection consists of the profile’s photo grid.

Other requests include each photo captured individually and comments on each photo.

The trusted choice for legal professionals.

Whether AmLaw 100 or solo practitioner, Page Vault is the industry leader for legal-grade web captures.

Page Vault is designed to help legal professionals capture and print webpages quickly and easily, while maintaining a digital chain of custody. Even the longest social media feeds are captured in seconds with one click, and are presented in easy-to-read PDF files with a cover page that includes all relevant metadata.

Best of all, Page Vault maintains the integrity of the digital chain of custody, and if necessary, Page Vault also provides affidavits describing how its unique patent-pending architecture produces accurate results.
Chad Main,

Founder, Percipient Co., Chicago, IL

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