Facebook Captures

Basic Facebook captures in Page Vault

How to use the Facebook Expander

Capturing content from specific dates

Capturing comments on photos

Troubleshooting Facebook Captures

Do I have to log in to capture Facebook content?

Almost all of the content on Facebook will require you to be signed into an account to view it. If you do not want to use your personal account, check with your firm to see if you have a generic or “dummy” account that they use to view and collect Facebook pages.

Facebook freezes when I try to collect the page. Help!

All browsers have limits on the amount of information that can be loaded at one time, and Page Vault is no different. There are two options available to get this page captured.

1. Page Vault on Demand: The first option is using our On Demand service where we will collect the page for you. Please reach out to On Demand customer service, or fill out our online quote form. Quotes are free and require no commitment. We would be happy to put a quote together for you!

2. Breakdown Technique: The second option is to break down the Facebook timeline by month and capture each month.

How to:

  1. Into the browser URL bar, type the profile URL (e.g. facebook.com/user.name). 
  2. At the end of the URL, add in /timeline/YYYY/M, where YYYY is the 4-digit year you want to collect and M is the 1 or 2 digit month you want to collect. So your final URL will be something like facebook.com/user.name/timeline/2017/3, which would return all posts from March 2017 for user.name.
  3. Click expand and make your selections (see the video above on using the Facebook Expander) and click capture.
  4. Repeat for each month that you want to capture until complete.