You’ve identified the social media platform you want to search on, but when you get there, you’re not quite sure what features or content you should focus your search around. Does this situation sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

Regardless of the reason – the platform has made recent changes to its layout, added new features, or you don’t use the platform often enough – you may be among the 60% of litigators we surveyed who stated they had concerns they weren’t looking in the right places online for evidence.



Not knowing where to look means that you’re potentially missing information or evidence that could support your case. While the litigators in our survey noted LinkedIn and Facebook as the social media platforms they use the most when searching for information and discoverable evidence, we also noticed that they weren’t looking at some significant places within the platform where discoverable evidence can hide.



Below are two places within Facebook and LinkedIn where overlooked features can cause legal professionals to miss supporting content and data.


Facebook’s Metadata

While features such as a Facebook user’s posts, comments and their “about” details are the most popular places legal professionals find relevant content, there are other features within the platform that can be equally relevant. One of the most important features is the metadata that supports a user’s activity, such as when someone checks into a location or uploads a photo. Typically, the metadata provided are dates, times, and links to friends and/or businesses.



There are many ways to use the metadata that Facebook provides, such as to strengthen or refute alibis, or to construct case timelines. However it can support the case, it’s one feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.


LinkedIn’s Activity Log

Our Page Vault On Demand team has noted the significance of LinkedIn’s activity log in many requests by clients to capture material on the web. LinkedIn’s activity log allows you to view all of the activity of your profile or another user’s personal profile, such as articles, posts and comments. It’s important to note that this feature isn’t available on company pages. Also, when looking at this feature, if you don’t see activity, the profile may be set to private, or there simply hasn’t been any activity.


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